How to conciliate cultural and social actions ?

How to conciliate cultural and social actions ?
16 Jan 2019

From simple access to the theatre to artistic practice, the possibility to welcome all audiences need a special attention. Different actions are held for each group with the participation of artistic teams and partners of the Scènes nationales.

In partnership with Acces Culture, LSF interpretation, Sortons les mains association and International Visual Theater, Mâcon Theatre leads few actions towards deaf and non deaf audience that goes to the Café Signe of Mâcon and Villefrance sur Saône but also with the students of Collège Béart of Mâcon.

Thus, A sign language workshopn is organized before Emmanuelle Laborit performance Dévaste moi on friday march 8th. Audiences will also be able to visit the theatre in sign language, meet with Lucie Lataste the comedian who will performe in sign language Zabou Breitman performance “Logiquimperturbabledufou”.

Also, a viewing of the movie “Signer” of Nurith Aviv in the presence of the film director Emmanuelle Laborit will be held at the Multiplexe Cinémarivaux on march 7th.