How does community participate in theatres’ “life” ?

15 Feb 2019

Part of l’Effet Scènes from february 16th to march 16th 2019

As part of its cultural and artistic project, Scènes nationales invite their local community to contribute to the creation process, to exchange and debate with artists. Citizens become then real ambassadors.

Discover some if those initiatives this week

With Scènes nomades, Les Scènes du Jura, Scène nationale of Lons-le-Saunier/Dole, propose localy a piece of Sylvain Levey, Alice pour le moment, interpretated by amateur comedians, following a workshop directed by the author.

Thoses amateurs, from differents local compagnies, travel through the department to make Sylvain Levey’s writting known. A convivial  and theatrical moment ont february 16th and 17th outside of the walls of the theatre, in an appartment, in rural household…etc

Did you say jumpstyle?

Practice, sharing and musical collaborative event on february 20th at Salins’ theatre, Scène nationale of Martigues.

It’s on youtube that Le Horde, discovered self-taught jumpers all around the worldand jumpstyle, a popular danse post-internet which emancipates and federates. Freestylers are contacted to join the artistic collective and create the performance To da Bone.

The Salins organize a jumpstyle initiation workshop open to all and animated by La Horde. An after is proposed after the show at the theatre with DJ Friday Vibes, a young local artist involved in an association which program musical events through facebook for young people on a local scale since 2014. In order to restitute the results of the workshops, an artistic impromptu will invite the audience to danse and participate to the dj set after event. With this project, the Salins wishes to transform the image of the venue and reach the 20-35 years old and make them discover emerging artists.