Culture for all!

Culture for all!
31 Oct 2018

At the core the public mission of all Scènes nationales, access to art and culture for all is a willing of the Minsitry of Culture and territorial collectivities who decided to implemante a project in “their” theatres.

The Scène nationale becomes then a central actor to encourage, impuls and share with local and regional organisms the willing to meet community and artists.

The Saint-Nazaire Theatre, the VIP and the Athénor Theatre created a privilege moment “Saut-de-Mouton” dedicaded to the youth for kids from 3 to 11 years old and focus on all aesthetics – performances, visual arts, cinema…etc. “All partners bring their vision and artistic sensibility, which gives the chance to offer a rich and multidisciplinary program. We hope to enlighten the curiosity of young audience, develop their critical vision and bring them pleasure. Coming to theatre has to become a simple act for all generations.”  [Béatrice Hanin, director of Saint-Nazaire Theatre]

Saut-de-mouton du 24 octobre au 4 novembre à Saint-Nazaire

Le Theatre, Scène national of Mâcon, gives parents and children above 6 years old, the opportunity to discover behind the scene and try different artistic disciplines during interractives and pratical creative classes.

Discovery of theatre around blablabla, of music around Quivive but also a pique-nique and a visit of the theatre, many activities offered for all members of the family on october 20th.

Blablatez en famille le 20 octobre au Théâtre de Mâcon. EncyclopÈdie de la parole, blablabla / Joris Lacoste et Emmanuelle Lafon

Now lets go to Marseille at the Merlan who is engaged to young audience with “Nos forêts interieures“.

Since fall 2015, the stage director Celine Schnepf, with some artists and Merlan’s team, are working together on this project. Build around the forest world, the performance is dedicaded to yound children but also to adults who accompagny them : Parents, grand-parents, nurseries professionnals, teachers, associations…etc

The project was build with multiple local partners, investing all places that are not made for performances at first. For the last year, they transform and make poetical the social center of Grand Canet in november and then invest the Franche train station for a festive final in march!

Nos forêts intérieures du 21 au 24 novembre 2018 et du 20 au 23 mars 2019 au Merlan.