Multidisciplinary and international programs

Le Triomphe de l'Amour © Pascal Gely
13 Feb 2019

Part of l‘Effet Scènes from february 16th to march 16th 2019

Scènes nationales are commissioned to embrace the entire performing arts field, on their own stage but also in non-dedicated local venues. All different aesthetic forms, public relations, experimentations, are the maelstrom from which theatres build their program, combine most of the time seasons, festivals by confronting them or expose their complementarity or uniqueness.

One of kind Hamlet at the Carreau

Originary from switzerland, Boris Nikitin questionnes for 10 years now, reality and identity notions which he treats as a performance. He counts on his virtuose favorite comedian Julian Meding.

A dance show and a performance at the same time, on march 14th at the Carreau, Scène nationale of Forbach, Hamlet doesn’t present the piece from Shakespeare but extracts the main character who makes one with the performer. The dancer makes his body the source material for its musical and performance work.

This double game swings between an introverted timidity and an extraverted queer from the performer and the dramatic and impenetrability of the character. Accompanied by a baroque string quartet, Julian Meding exposes his body and person to the audience watch, as to provoke a reaction and open standards. Another Shakespeare is to be heard and will let nobody insensible.

Hamlet de Boris Nikitin (c) Boris Nikitin

Incarnated multidisciplinarity at the Scène nationale of Narbonne

Denis Podalydès, member of the Comédie-Française, a man of theatre and cinema, incarnates the project of Théâtre + Cinéma. During all the season, he will be on cinema : in the documentary of Emmanuel Bourdieu les 3 Théâtres, then on the occasion of two replays of the Comédie-Française, as a stage director and on stage : February 22d with Marivaux, le Triomphe de l’amour.

Accompanied by cellist Christophe Coin, the comedians, with Christian Lacroix’s costumes, engage body and words as a battle field for triumphant love.

To resonate with the performance, at 18h, a film lesson will be held by Karim Ghiyati, director of Languedoc-Roussilon Cinema on “The path of Denis Podalydès : Theatre, cinema, television, litterature” and the movie Les 3 théâtres of Emmanuel Bourdieu will be broadcasted on sunday february 24th at 17h30.

A unique program from all around the world

For its 3d edition, La Ferme du Buisson hosts the Cernunnos Pagan Festival. This festival, enlighten music bands with pagan metal and folk roots and is a reference in the field. Musiciens come from all around the world and attract audiences from all over France. The festival will be held from february 23d to 24th and is expecting 2000 people. Tons of unique and original concerts, a medieval festival will put rhythm all week-end.

By hosting the festival at home, La Ferme du Buisson hopes that meeting between pagan metal fans and local audiences will cross. Thus, it confirms its singularity and multidisciplinarity by hosting all musical genres. An occasion to attract in its house curious and metal fans people.