Effet Scènes 2013

In 2013, “Effet scènes” has gathered 68 “creation houses” which demonstrated a full commitment to artists from all disciplines (performing arts, circus, dance, visual arts…). Since their first artistic act until their major pieces, they have been always supported by this unique network envied in Europe.

Directed by  women (not enoughand men, these places have each season more than 3.5 million entries. The audience criterion is not the only one. By adding all the actions of each establishment, we perceive the importance of the work done by this network which appear as structuring for creation in France. Almost 400 creations are supported each season, 12 will be born during the week of the event Effet scènes. 

Dynamism and vitality describe this group, being a symbol of this particular network specializing in cultural decentralization.

Supported by funding provided by both local collectivity’s and Ministry of Culture’s funding, the national performing arts centres are at the heart of the french’s cultural history. It seems that difficult times are coming regarding public intervention.

We are convinced that culture has to be declared as a priority, and that it can not be considered as a simple variable of the budgetary adjustment.

Because if so, the production chain, the artistic ecosystem and audience development, that all constitute the base of this network, will be suffering.  The consequences in term of activity and employment will turn this success into a defeat.

But we stay optimistic. We can not believe in such a scenario and can not let this happen. The event “Effet scènes” will be the perfect moment to make our point of view heard.

L’Association des Scènes nationales