What about lyrical art?

L'Enlèvement au sérail à Besançon le 13 novembre 2018 (c) JC Polien
19 Dec 2018

Since 2014, Scènes nationales of Besançon, Quimper, Dunkerque and Scène conventionnée of Compiègne are partner to promote lyrical art outside of Opera houses. A project for all audiences which invente a new way to co-produce.

The four theatres share the willing to spread the opera art all over France, and if possible for more than twenty performances. They demand for a real artistic quality for the acting and the music.

They commit to produce pieces with a technical and financal version who can be adapted to a wide performing art venues network in France and Europe.

They develop mediation tools and collaborate with instrumental or vocal independant ensembles. They prescribe a choice of stage directors who don’t necessary have a lot of experience in Opera.

After Les Noces de figaro, Gianni Schicchi, Rinaldo, L’Enlèvement au sérail was created in Besançon on novembre 13th 2018 for the launch of opus number 4, before taking a tour for 13 representations in Sénart, Compiègne, Quimper, Dunkerque and Le Mans.

At the Cornouaille theatre, meetings, music and sharing moments are organized with the opera musicians during lunch and early evening.

Thus, musicians of the Concert de la Loge, music artisans and neighbours of the Scène nationale of Quimper present their instruments backstage, a space transformed into a musical salon for the occasion.

At night, Julien Chauvin proposes a conference on the history of his ensemble, which has the willing to make concerts from parisians salons of the 18th century alive again.

Artistic team of L’Enlèvement au sérail put Bernard Kalonn in charge of the preparation of the Quimper choir which will be on stage each night. The choir is made of singers of Tournesol but also of Quimper Conservatory, local Musik and national orchestra of Penhars.