Autumn Festivals!

Autumn Festivals!
16 Nov 2018

Festivals are a good way to explore and for public immersion.
Visual arts, dance, international, many themes are deepened on these occasions inside or outside the Scènes nationales.

Born to be a live comes back to the Manège in Reims, a dance festival with body as a blank page ready for transformation. A real kaleidoscope of visions in our time to feel alive. To be alive through a slection of choreographies from all over the world.

Born to be alive, du 6 au 17 novembre au Manège, Scène nationale de Reims

Focus on Catalonia at the Espace des Arts in Chalon-sur-Saône, with Instances festivalThe 16th edition of the festival is marked by the end of 3 years of rehabilitation works inside the theatre. In fact, during the festival 10 dancers from the Jeune Ballet Bourgogne-France-Comté propose a danced walking tour of the new spaces of Espace des Arts.

festival Instances du 15 au 21 novembre à l'Espace des arts

Aware of the actual time and different creation processes, Aujourd’hui Musiques in Perpigjnan, a festival for sound creation and visual arts presents its program which creates links between contemporary artistic expressions : Theatre, circus, dance, installation, performances, multimedia. Eight creation works will be performed.

The Scène nationale continues to accompany the artists, giving them the opportunity to write new pieces, to create performances, to be aside from creators and to be able to bring ideas to make multi-disciplinary pieces to circulate on a local but also national and international scale.

Aujourd'hui Musiques du 16 au 25 novembre à l'Archipel de Perpignan