Jump In

Jump In
24 Nov 2016

The artistic responsibility of every “scène nationale” comprises two essential aspects. On one side, it corresponds to the multidisciplinarity program offered to the public (art performance, theatre, cinema, visual arts…). On the other side, it concerns the artists themselves, by making their search and creation work easier. The project called “Jump in”, supported by the “Théâtre Auditorium of Poitiers” (TAP), is linked to this two aspects.

A new initiative to supported tomorrow’s talents

A program included in the Poitiers Film Festival :
international meetings of cinema schools

from November 25th to December 02nd 2016

The aim of this new project “Jump in” is to help and support emerging filmmakers during/while the build of their professional network  and the development of their future projects.  The participants will be chosen among the directors of the international selection of Poitiers Film Festival. During the first three days of the event, they will benefit of instructions, lessons, expertises and advices from well-known professionals of international film industry.

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