Feminine artistic creation highlighted for international women day

Feminine artistic creation highlighted for international women day
07 Mar 2017

Like every year, the 8th of March will take place the International Women’s Day, the occasion to evaluate women’s situation all over the world. If this moment allows to celebrate women and their rights, it’s also a good opportunity for cultural structures to highlight feminine creation and denounce gender inequalities in cultural and artistic fields.

Because if actions are increasing in favor of gender equality in that sector – for instance thanks to the introduction of the AWARE award, only and unique of its type and only dedicated to women artist – inequality are still remaining and especially in arts and culture domain.

That’s also why some scène nationales have decided to dedicate a part of their line-up to women :it can be a day, a week, or an entire month to glorify feminine creation. For instance, Macon’s Theatre (scène nationale) is perfectly illustrating this initiative with the sixth edition of “Mars, le mois des Drôles de Dames” (french reference for Charlies’ angels movie)

Indeed, from 7th to 31th of March, only feminine artists history will be enhanced. And this year, it’s all about under the auspices of Simone de Beauvoir. As a women and as an artist she was a pioneer concerning issues that are still sensible nowadays.

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