Youth : an everyday matter

Youth : an everyday matter
18 Feb 2019

Part of L’Effet Scènes from february 16th to march 16th 2019

Theatres propose programs for all kind of audience and encourages meeting of all generations. 

L’Argent de poche festival – Movies not only for kids in Châteauroux

From february 6th to march 5th, l’Appolo, a movie theatre of L’Equinoxe, Scène nationale of Châteauroux, organises its first film festival for people from 2 to 120 years old… through a selection of 12 movies, a tribute to Hayao Moyazaki (Never-Ending Man : Hayao Miyazaki), workshops, meetings and an exhibit.

National broadcasts (Mango, les Ritournelles de la Chouette), movies from the Telerama festival for kids (Le château de Cagliostro, Reine d’un été, Parvana, une enfance en Afghanistan), permieres (Funan, Le Cochon, le Renard et le moulin), compose the eclectic program to which is added movies selected by Châteauroux citizens. Thus, some children have chosen Le Lorax on the theme of ecology, teenagers were interested in dystopia with The Island and parents of younger kids programmed La Petite Taupe.

Find new ways for tranmission by associating artists, youth and cultural mediators is the core of the artistic and cultural exchanges laboratory of Scènes nationales.

Parole Vive
Part of an artistic and cultural education convention with the region (2018-2021), the project “Parole Vive” implicate High School students and college students from 4 cities around the Ferme du Buisson, Scène nationale of Marne-la-Vallée. 125 studients (from 7 classes) are beeing part of the project. The aim is to sensibilise the students to debate through dramatic art.

Practical workshops, directed by the artists Flavie Edel-Jaume and Frederica Martuccio, encourages high school students to debate and build an argument from their own opinion. An echo to La Ferme du Buisson program, students talk about feminism, men and women equal rights and genres this season through meeting with artists and professionnals.

The next “Parole Vive” will take place on february 20th from 15h to 17h at the CFA Descartes of Champs-sur-Marne.

Radiophonic spots, videos and theatrical impromptus will illustrate this work on May 18th at the Ferme du Buisson.


Build with, be in relation with social, educational and cultural actors is one of the main caracteristic of the Scènes nationales and encourages the reunion of population around artists : social workers, educators, animators, mediators, teachers, kids, students…etc

Twining with the Maison d’Enfants “kids house” of the Val d’Adour

In Bayonne, The Scène national of Sud-Aquitain is twining with the Maison d’Enfants of Val d’Adour for three years. This medico-social institution is specialized in the hosting of minors in difficulty. This twining let kids from 7 to 14 years old blossom through the discovery of performing art.
In addition to theatre pratical workshops, children are attend three performances at the Scène nationale. This project counts on theatre as a collective experience, implicates listening, respect and confidence. It encourages the expression of emotions, organisation of ideas and emerging of speach.

Workshops will be held by the Compagnie Jour de Fête from february 18th to 22d 2019.