The play “Tribus” : expression and disability in theatre

The play “Tribus” : expression and disability in theatre
23 Feb 2017

When theatre broaches communication difficulties and deafness among a family affected by disability, here is the exemple of a successful performance with the play “Tribus” by the british playwright Nina Raine, and directing by Mélanie Leray. Bourges’scene nationale – MCB°- will welcome this play from the 1st of march until 3 of march and invite us to go deep into the sorrows and wounds of a family who gravitate around one of its children : Billy, born deaf and has never learnt sign language. For that, his parents has forbidden him from this learning, scared he’ll find isolation within the deaf community.

Emergent’ issues are the one which any family who have had hard time communicating will recognize : here, it’s about fear of loneliness, vision of handicap or ways how anyone can express themselves.

Through this play, theatre become a new tool for mediation giving emphasis to games’ balance and families’ dysfunction but also giving a new point of view for all the audience about deafness. With a particular and corrosive humour, this approach is unique and the social part of theatre expresses itself too ; reflecting our society, our way of live, our families and means of communication. It allows audience to truly understand anxiety within a group and reveals especially how family spheres may, without even noticing it, with time, create inequalities even violences.

Rehearsal pictures © Vincent Voisin