Access to world patrimoine thanks to virtual reality

Access to world patrimoine thanks to virtual reality
31 Jan 2019

Travelling in ten prestigious public libraries, imaginary or original, discover this univers where books are a window to the world patrimoine. This is what the virtual reality experience inspired by the book La bibliothèque, la nuit from Alberto Manguel proposes from february 4th to march 3d at the Parvis, Scène nationale Tarbes-Pyrénées.

Robert Lepage puts all his knowledge of new technologies to make an immersive and sensorial life experience which solicitates our intellect and memory.

The voice of Alberto Manguel guides su through the visit and explains to us some historical, geographical or cultural little stories.

This exhibit carry us to Copenhague, Admont in Austria, Alexandrie in Egypt, Mexico, Kamakura in Japan and even in space for a few minutes. Some libraries exists all around the world, some other where destroyed and some were never built.