Exil, migration, hospitality

Exil, migration, hospitality
21 Nov 2018

Scènes nationales serve a social and democratic project by creating multiple cultural actions to sensibilise a wider audience. Many of them initiate projects towards vulnerable population such as migrants. Exil, migration and hospitality inspire more than one artist and give theatres the opportunity to propose social and inclusive commited actions but also dialogues.

Involvement of asylum seekers in the creation process and audience inclusion

In june 2018, Pierre Jodlowski met, during its first year of residency at the LUX of Valence, in collaboration with social and cultural local associations (Cimade, ALDA, Hosting center for asylum seekers, le Diaconat protestant, Secours Populaire…), migrants, recent or older. They shared with him their exil experience, their first meeting with Valence, their integration.

The composer is commited and concerned about opening up contemporary music and to be able to share it he his creation takes his root in the contemporary reality. Thus, the installation Passage is born and gives a acoustic portrait of Valence, a city attached to hospitality, which welcomed and integrated many regugees and migrant since the beginning of the 20th century. The installation propose to the visitor a acoustic and bright environment to interact in a 10 meters long tunnel.

My piece of work here is one of a memories collector. I always start from meeting with individuals who confess their souvenirs through stories or simple words. These elements are then, recomposed in a acoustic sequence to finally be proposed to visitors who can share the content because it’s an interractive tunnel [Pierre Jodlowski]