Mobility of art works and artists at stake for education

Group of nine children drawing on school chalkboard with chalks.
02 Jan 2019

Finding new ways for transmission by associating artists, youth, cultural mediators and teachers is the purpose of artistic and cultural exchange laboratories of the Scènes nationales.

An artistic and cultural education program in January 2019 at the Equinoxe, Scènes nationale of Châteauroux.

in 2012, Equinoxe was appointed “Dance resource center” by Centre-Val-de-Loire Region for Indre department with the mission to support development of contemporary dance localy. Thus, Archipel project was born.

Despite the circulation of contemporary dance performing arts in medium-size towns of Indre department, the strength of Archipel project leans on the support of this professionnal program with the presentation in the first part of amateurs work and students in particular (APA project for middle schools and “Aux Arts Lycéens”!) supervised by the partner artist.

The creation of the “dance archipelago” in Indre department, amplifies existing connexions between culture professionnals and educational teams; improves network collaborations and mutualises resources and knowledge.

Each year, this project, associates a different company. Department schools build a program including : artistic workshops, performances, a day of practice with the associated company. The project ends then with a decentralised performance of the company. in 2019, the Scène nationale is working with Yoann Bourgeois (CCN2, Grenoble) company.

Digital Cultural Class (CCN) is a digital residency proposed by four artists in residence at LUX, Scène nationale of Valence with 40 middle-school classes. 

Thanks to digital tools, the digital class gives the chance to connect students and teachers with artists in cultural venues to collaborate on educational and artistic projects. Students and teachers of all classes who participate can exchange and follow the evolution of the project online through the dedicated platform.

The digital residency allows also to erase geographical issues and encourages the departitionning and cultural irrigation on a local scale. Innovative, the digital cultural class offers collaborative multimedia tools (image, sound, augmented reality…). The plateform allows to report on the final production but also on all the creation process. Educational and artistic resources are at the disposal of students and they can exchange with other students on a blog.

For season 2018/2019, artists are Delphine Perret (author and illustrator), Lionel le Néouanic (illustrator, author and sculptor), Aurore Valade (photographer) and Gaëtan Orémus (author and illustrator)

“A theatre day in my classroom” : an artistic and cultural immersion in the schools of Martinique and Guadeloupe, with both overseas Scènes nationales.

This concept conceived by Tropiques Atrium, Scène nationale of Fort-de-France, developped with an artistic team of Martinique and in collaboration with a swiss stage director, consists on sensitizing young audience to theatre. First, they watch a performance, then they participate to workshops and play a short scenario.

This project helps children to develop their confidence by teaching them, through theater expression, risk taking, team building, taking initiatives. Students become one by one spectators and actors and transform their classroom in a real theatre stage.

Time for artists in High Schoolis the 22d invitation of Lycée J.B Dumas and Le Cratère, Scène nationale of Alès, to live an intense artistic week in high school from february 8th to 22d 2019.

Circus, dance, music, theatre, street arts artists, share their skills and give time for imagination to stimulate the creativity of high school students through workshops and exchanges. All commited to their own production, they propose performance forms questionning the “living together”, the attention gave to ourselves and others, people at the corner of a street or from elsewhere.

Artistic education helps the developement of critical thinking, sensibility and personnal affirmation.

“Archipel Tour” : an itinerant project dedicated to high school students from Perpignan.

For the 7th year, “l’Archipel Tour” proposed by the Perpignan Scène nationale, helps the presence of artists in high schools to encourage students and their teachers to meet authors or contemporary stage directors.

In partnership with teachers, the project was build in a few steps. The high school is transformed into a cultural venue and welcomes a performance and artistic workshops held by the artistic team.

From january 7th to 18th 2019, the collectif Machine Théâtre from Montpellier propose Les Carnets du sous-sol to reaffirm the value of art and the fondamental mission of public theatre.

Les Carnets du Sous sol ©Marc Ginot