Local engagement through world colors

Local engagement through world colors
19 Dec 2018

The 8th edition of NoBorder festival, was conceived by many partners : Le Quartz, Scène nationale of Brest, Collectif « Bretagne(s) World Sounds », Eric Marchand and his association DROM, Penn Ar Jazz and the conservatory of Brest. Traditionnal and world music was highlited from decembre 11 to 16 2018.

Cultures from all around the world resonnated in Britain through diverse artistic and participative propositions for all audiences and in partnership with multiple organisms.

The public, discovered a Fest Deiz in Capucins’s workshops, a musical ball but also great concerts at the Quartz, the Vauban, the Carène, a way to open to other cultures in the world.

Conferences, were also proposed during the festival by Fawaz Baker, associated artist of the Quartz, an occasion to question concepts, history and the meaning of music, its inclusion in life, society and geopolitical planet issues.

NoBorder is breathing Britain, a land of cultural dialogue, creativity, host, an expression of the entire world and a place of commited resistance to globalisation.