Oh what a circus !

Oh what a circus !
07 Dec 2018

Inhabit differently the nationale scene, invest local spaces of the city and generating an original circulation between performances and venues, in a friendly spirit, this is the challenge given by the Coursive in La Rochelle with Avis de Temps Fête. Once every 3 month, this event is presented like a selection of performances around a unique theme.

These initiatives are the occasion to build partnerships on co-programming or on cultural actions.

Quel cirque from november 24th to december 13th in la Rochelle

The first performance Quel Cirque, expand its performing art essence with innovation and creativity all around La Rochelle and its agglomeration.

A tightrope walker in the hallway of la Coursive, equilibrists on the old port and why not a hot-air ballon on the field of the stadium… A Crazy program where you will aslo be able to see the Damoclès of Yann Ecauvre, the magic ot the theatre truck of Yann Frish and the stage revolution from authors Vimala Pons and Tsirihaka Harrivel.