Reveal and promote local actions : an engagement

Reveal and promote local actions : an engagement
18 Feb 2019

Part of L’Effet Scènes from february 16th to march 16h 2019

Theatres are deaply engage on their territory. Each of them are well established localy, on its land, listening to their local population and aware of diversity.

From Lons-le-Saunier to Albi and Calais, this week, multiple actions are hold place on all the territories of the Scènes nationales.

The project Au fil du Tarn, participates to the artistic and cultural land development in the Tarn department by beeing close to its population in its social and geographical diversity.

A program close to contemporary creation, accompanied by a few mediation projects defined by the Scène nationale of Albi and its local partners on the season. Au fil du Tarn, take place in about thirty cities, twelve partner collectivities, fifteen host companies, between 65 et 75 performances outside ot the theatre and 15 000 persons attending.

On february 16th at the Church of Cunac will perform Accordeon player Grégory Daltin and mandoline player Vincent Daltin. On February 20th Le Clan des songes company who will on stage with Arrivederci.

The SNA is particulary attached to develop a entire cultural season on local territories and incitate poeple to come to the performance programmed at the theatre with the initiative Ce soir, On bouge!

Flâneries Sonores in Calais

In Collaboration with the association Relief, the Flâneries Sonores is a well know event each year at the Channel, Scène nationale of Calais. For its 4th edition, the event is program to let the public discover emerging artists make our ears listen to the vitality of local music scene. Three days to wander, clap our hands and feet, sharpen our ears and make hearts beat on the first rhythms for a weekend.

Concerts, workshops, sounds path will be held from february 22d to 24th on all the territory.

REINES jurassiennes, a local residency of authors in Jura

After Scènes nomades on february 16th and 17th, Les Scènes du Jura, Scène nationale of Lons-le-Saunier/Dole, affirm its local engagement from march 4th to 8th.
Pauline Peyrade, associated author, accompanied by 9 authors will collect stories and rites of feminin figures in all cities and villages of Jura.

It can be a popular caracter, a neighbor, a grand-ma, a marginal person, a bird flying by or a dream, a souvenir…

The authors will follow their trail and will make them live again in Jura
With Pauline Peyrade, Guillaume Cayet, Pierre Koestel, Nora Monnet, Romain Nicolas and students of the writting department of ENSATT.