Support of artistic creation : a reality for all Scènes nationales

Support of artistic creation : a reality for all Scènes nationales
18 Feb 2019

Part of L’Effet Scènes from february 16th to march 16th 2019

Scènes nationales’ network encourages independant companies and support artistic team and development of all performances fields.

In the scope of the jazz production et composition residency at the Gémeaux, Scène nationale of Sceaux, the Debussy quartet gives a tribute to Master CLaide Debussy at the occasion of the 100th anniversary of his passing.

The quartet proposed to Frank Tortillier after multiple discussions to join them in the project “Hommage” and commission hom a relecture of one of Debussy’s prelude. To create this new corpus inspired by Debussy’s work, a residency is held : Two days of creation at Jazz in Marciac festival, and a concert Debussy in Jazz on february 19th. The artists, from different musical backgrounds, wish to take advantage to these times of creation to explore new sounds from Debussy’s through writting as well as improvisation.

Creation is one of the main mission of a Scène nationale trough the support of artistic teams and residencies.

Thus, from february 8th to 17th 2019, La fin de l’Homme rouge, directed bu Emmanuel Meirieu, inspired by Svetlana Alexievitch’s book is created on the stage of the Scène nationale of Sceaux.

When I create a piece, I want the public th forget was is theatre. I want them to think, from the first words, that the person that tell the story,  is really the one who lived it. To think that actors pronounce these words for the first time of their life and that they do it for them. Only in theatre, caracters of the story are physicaly on stage in front of the audience, alive, at the place, at the same time, beathing the same air and a few meters appart only. Only in theatre can they adress directly to us and you can almost touch them. Those books caracters becoming real persons, human beeing, sharing their emotions with us. It’s not monologues anymore by testimonies, real facts told to us. [Emmanuel Meirieu]

Albi’s Scène nationale, holds a deliberate political support to creation through coproductions and residencies during its season.

This season, three artists and companies are associated to the Scène nationale (Guillaume Vincent, Emanuel Gat, Daltin Trio), six artistics teams in residencies during fifty days and about fifteen performances co-produced  like Retour à Reims from Thomas Ostermeier inspired by Didier Eribon’s essay and that you can discover february 21st and 22d.

In the professionnal networks in Occitanie region like FONDOC and DYNAMO, the SNA can mutualise, share and value its projects and supports creation and mediation actions.