Creation and amateurs practice support

Creation and amateurs practice support
07 Feb 2019

Scènes nationales are places where creation , research and experiences are supported and allows maturation of artistic projects.
There are attentive to the implication of amateurs in the creation process and on stage.

This is how l’ARC, Scène nationale of Le Creusot, chose to present the creation of the 2d section of the project Lucioles/an investigation on happiness from Anteprima compagnie on march 5th and 6th 2019.

A real investifation on happiness, initiated with Simon Grangeat during the writting sessions and accompanied by the neurologist Catherin Thomas-Antérion.

Where is happiness ? how does it looks like ? Where to find it ? Above ? Bellow ? just beside me ? inside ou outside ? Where do we find our cure when we feel badly ?

A reconquest of happiness which draws on the rhythm if dance and music.

Le Chemin des lucioles will see on stage about 10 amateurs performers from the audience of each theatre which will host the tour.