Highlight about a collaborative writing project

Highlight about a collaborative writing project
16 Mar 2017

Scènes nationales’multidisciplinary express itself soon under the theme of literature and writing !

As a part of its literature’s programmation, Le Grand R, scène nationale of La Roche-sur-Yon has decided to highlight a unique experience which rely on a writers’union, reporters, searchers, and witness to tell ordinary people’s histories.

Indeed, it’s around the collection “Raconter la vie” that a meeting will take place with Pierre Rosanvallon professor at Collège de France and founder of the project, but also with Jules Naudet (sociologist, specialist of social mobility) et Pauline Peretz (editorial director of the projet). This project, « Raconter la vie » in english “Tell life” is a book collection and a participative website  www.raconterlavie.fr at the same time.

The ambition of this project is to produce the equivalent of what we could call a “Parliament of the invisible” to give emphasis to misrepresentation of society nowadays and of people composing it. Telling people ordinary stories, people who are not heard. Thanks to many witness’ statements to draw the diversity and experiences, this project become a sociologic analysis and a journalistic investigation but also a unique form of literature.

This multiple approach give voice to every person who wish to become author and tell about people from real society nowadays and this through many ways : writing, drawing, videos…Between the social experiment and editorial experience, this moment will give you the chance to discover differently lecture and writing though 3 main themes thanks to 3 big meeting organized by the scène nationale de La Roche-sur-Yon, the 23th, 24th and 25th of March.

Curiosity, participation, collaboration, reflect of real…who knows that theses meeting will make you want to start to write !

Pierre Rosanvallon / Jules Naudet / Pauline Peretz
Jeudi 23th of march, 19h – Le Théâtre – La Roche-sur-Yon

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