Let’s all go to theatres!

Let’s all go to theatres!
10 Jan 2019

“Tous au théâtre!” (let’s all go to theatres) is a initiative held by Estive, Scène nationale of Foix and Ariège région. Its aim is to make theatre accessible to anyone with “1 ticket bought = 1 ticket free”

Also, with the Ariège communes and in partnership with Mayors and elected representatives of Ariège, buses are available to the public to come to the theatre freely and exchange about the performance before and after.

For its 9th edition, four performance will be programmed such as “le dernier métro”. Dorian Rossel, takes a hold of François Truffaut’s story and exposes ways of intolerance he found in it.

The goal is not to remake the story but to listen to the relevance of the speach a second time and propose a present attention.

On stage, eleven actors performe and sing and invite us to be aware of the bitter signals of ideological speaches.

An echo to our trouble times, played on january 22d and 23d 2019 on the bug stage of l’Estive.