Association ASN

Born in 1990…

The Scène nationale Association has relaunched its activities during autumn 2009 by the initiative of directors and presidents who wished to create a reflexion tool focused on the label missions. The objectif was to raise people awareness about this network’s activity, diversity and specificity.

Most of the issues discussed with Association’s members will interest every cultural major players, artists, professionals and politicians : creation and production support, cultural democratization and public understanding, connexion with the territory and local collectivities.

Association ‘s missions

In 2014/2015, the Association become more structured, a new post of coordinator will permit :
  • coordination of a reflexion work about thematic committees,
  • development of new communication tools and implementation of a website,
  • common dynamic with others network into the territority,
  • promote internal communication and federate the whole “Scènes nationales” around one-off events,
  • develop pooling of resources (joint buying, training, professional event…)
    To this day, 71 in 74 “Scènes nationales” are adherent of the Association.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is composed of 12 directors and 4 presidents.

President, Jean-Paul Angot, director of Scène nationale Grenoble
Vice-President, Michel Pénager, president of Scène nationale Malakoff
Secretary, Francesca Poloniato, director of Scène nationale Marseille
Treasurer, Philippe Bachman,director of Scène nationale Châlons-en-

Honorary member

Jean-Paul Jury

Other members

Hortense Archambault, director of Scène nationale Bobigny
Virginie Boccard,director of Scène nationale Scènes du Jura
Annie Denis, president of Scène nationale Marne-la-Vallée
Laurent Dréano, director of Scène nationale Amiens
Florence Faivre, director of la Scène nationale la Roche-sur-Yon
Marion Fouilland-Bousquet, director of Scène nationale Grand Narbonne
Christian Mousseau-Fernandez, director of Scène nationale Evreux-Louviers
Jean-Michel Puiffe, director of Scène nationale Sénart
Catherine Rossi-Batôt, director of Scène nationale Valence
Anne Tanguy, director of Scène nationale de Besançon.

Permanent employees

Fabienne Loir, secretary general