The label



  • All Scènes nationales deliver a challenging programme of arts events showcasing main trends in the current creation, may it be in the disciplines of performing arts, cinema, visual arts, etc.
  • They support artistic projects and artists, assisting them in their research, creation and production phases.


  • Each venue’s distinctive project is led by its ongoing consideration of its local community and territory, which can range from the size of a mid-scaled conurbation to a full French department, sometimes even beyond.


  • At first, all Scènes nationales played an exemplary role in the cultural and territorial development in France and overseas. Gradually, they’ve also become a driving force and reference in arts provision and facilitation in terms of creation, production and touring.

Shared missions
and challenges

Every Scène nationale organises its activities around a framework of missions based on three areas of responsibility and expertise set out by the Ministry of Culture.